Who I am – I am Mum



Hello Lovelies,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Christine, I am a full-time wife to Andrew and mum to Zac. It has taken me some time to make the decision to start a blog, out of fear of what will people think and say, having to hold back to not offend those dear and close to me, or even those who don’t know me, needing the time to be able to sit down and write something, and between the attention my little buddy (Zac our hilarious son) demands. Speaking of, he is demanding my affection now by giving me a false sense of security of kisses and cuddles and wanting to sit on my lap while I type this, and then turns into the skin pinching and twisting monster seeking the wrong kind of attention, so it is time to go for a walk, be back soon…

Aaaaaaaand we’re back.

It is hard to know where to start, I know what you are thinking ‘start from the beginning’ right? But here it is, I am actually making a start, it is extraordinary that I have put words to paper, well really get with the times – I have typed text on my keyboard, just give me a moment to celebrate a win…

Everyone knows a good way to tell a story starts in the present and goes back to the past, and finishes in the future.  So I have told you what we have been doing right now, so now I will tell you how I got to this moment of sharing our life journey with you.

To say that the past few years have been an emotional rollercoaster is an understatement, and without going into too much detail right now, or we will be here forever and I need to save some juicy content for other posts, I have done the three major events one may hope for in their own life story. I bought a house, I got married, I had a baby.

OooooooooCH! I just got head butted by my son into my cheekbone, and then he pinched my leg because he was upset that I was upset, and then he hit my other leg, and then proceeded to ball his eyes out because I gave him ‘the look’, trialling a new method, to let him know I wasn’t impressed and that it wasn’t a nice thing to do. I asked him why is he crying and it made him cry MORE, sometimes I just want to laugh at him, but I do hold back as I don’t want to encourage certain behaviour, or make him self conscious. If my phone wasn’t flat I would have filmed it to show you the hilarity of his actions even though it hurt like hell.

Anyway lets get back on track. So the three major life events are meant to be the happiest years of your life, but ours was filled with many trying times, in fact traumatic times, then throw the life changing privilege of becoming first time parents into the mix and you have got yourself a barrel of monkeys living on a sniff of an oily rag and no sleep. So the main objective of this blog is sharing my own raw personal accounts of the good, the bad, and the darn right ugly privilege of parenting, family, and life. I am not claiming to be an expert at anything, or being a perfect parent, or wife, I am still learning. Its really just trying to see the lighter side to my dramatic life, be able to give others, such as yourself, some strength, courage, and laughter, by relating to similar experiences, or adventures you are yet to encounter.

Please enjoy, remember to breathe, and keep moving forward.

Thanks for reading




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